Wednesday, March 24, 2010


     So many things happen in a day. Two shifts since my last blog and I am already loosing details that I'd wanted to share. Hopefully they will come to me as I sift through my short term memory.
         I've worked with a couple of patients that have been considered challenging by those who worked with them before me. I am considering more and more the effect of how a report is given, the words, tone of voice, emotions used, on the person receiving the report and their subsequent care of the patient. It has to have some effect.
    How much of our own prejudices are we passing on? Do we consider this before we spread it around? What are we projecting onto those we are caring for? Are we aware of it? Are we honest with ourselves?
     These are the kinds of questions and topics I'm considering, although I have not had a lot of time to put into their consideration. I would love to think more about it. It's a topic that really interests me and I think a lot can be learned from looking into it further.
       I find, when I interact with people directly, meeting them where they are at, offering them my time, my presence, and my attention, it goes a long way toward gaining their trust and respect. Although I have my own thoughts and feelings about the choices people make, and sometimes my empathy for them causes me to feel some grief, I do not feel burdened by judgement of their actions, choices, etc. I feel as though those type of things become suspended, somewhere away from my interactions with individuals, and I am able to truly be with them as they are, and show up as my best self. I am really grateful for this.
      I try to listen to what others say about others and allow my experiences with them as individuals and as a unit (nurse/patient, Dr/patient, etc.) to filter out what is needed and what is not. I find much of it is not. How much do I really need to know about someone before I can walk into their space and provide the best care for them? Good question. Like everything else it probably depends on the particulars of the moment.


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