Friday, March 12, 2010

2nd Shift

    Obviously if I am going to blog about the details of my residency experience I am going to have to do it more immediately following an experience. It's too easy to forget the juicy details if I put it off for a few days.
        This past Saturday I did my second shift on the postpartum unit and had a great day! It was a 12 hour day shift. It started out nicely, several patients (mother-baby couplets) to work with. I chose one couplet to work with more on my own. My preceptor observed me doing some of the tasks, pointed me in the right direction, helped me get my charting in the right place, helped me get into the medication system, etc. I did quite a bit on my own and felt good about it.
     Working with the patients is the best part, it comes pretty naturally for me. When I don't know something, fumble while removing sticky tape from an IV site, or drop something on the floor, I often make light of it, smiling, bringing appropriate humor into the situation. I think my air of easefullness helps patients feel comfortable with me, even though they know I am new and don't know everything!
     My third shift on the unit is this Sunday. I will be working with a different preceptor and am interested to see how her approach differs from those I've worked with so far. I look forward to the opportunity to gain new perspectives, insights, and learning new ways of doing things.

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