Monday, February 1, 2010


       It seems as if my job search may be at an end. Nothing is set in stone of course, but today I had a a wonderful interview with the hiring manager for a Family Birth Center at a Tacoma Hospital that will be a wonderful fit for me. After two hours of talking, and meeting with two other staff members, one of whom said she was happy to meet me in person because she'd heard of me, I indicated I would love to have the job and that manager told me she would like to offer me the job.
     So from here she contacts the nursing recruiter who will contact me to provide me with an official preliminary offer, contigent upon my passing a urine drug screen, background check, and reference check. I won't receive the preliminary offer until next Tuesday when the position is officially posted, but I've been assured I will be getting the call.
      Then I will be an employed RN! Working in Mother Baby and in Labor and Delivery. My dream job for this point on my path. I feel so blessed. I can hardly wait to begin working, to begin learning, and to share what I know!

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